Berkeley Chamber rebrands as Business and Industry Advocate

Berkeley Chamber rebrands as Business and Industry Advocate

Berkeley Chamber begins rebranding as Business and Industry Advocate.

The change is part of a “greater strategic vision to streamline initiatives and communicate a clear message that the Chamber’s main focus is to address the needs and well-being of the business community.

Todd Buddin, President Berkeley Chamber stated “the Berkeley Chamber has always been an issue-oriented Chamber and our main focus is the needs of our industries and businesses.  This need has become even more apparent during this year with our business and industries working through the COVID-19 and the economic crisis.”

To assist with the message and for the transition to a move to more contemporary, pertinent, and progressive direction, the look of the chamber will be a transition. “As an organization grows, their focus may shift to redefine who and how they are serving. Sometimes, that change in focus needs to be reflected visually, as is the case with the Berkeley Chamber. The refreshed identity was created to be bold and direct while improving legibility and flexibility. And, of course, to tell the Chamber story while enhancing the existing branding items.

The new website will have new feature to one will be articles to give a more in-depth understanding of our members.

Our first article that we will feature is:

New focus on business paying dividends for South Carolina’s 8th largest city