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Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, Berkeley County SC
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Leadership Development

Berkeley County’s talented workforce isn’t just a driving force of our economy. It’s our competitive advantage.

We help our members invest in that talent through comprehensive leadership development offerings designed to connect and grow strong leaders who lead both inside and out of the office. Our leadership development programs offer a unique blend of classroom and experiential learning that allows participants to:

  • Build meaningful, long-lasting connections
  • Learn from our region’s most influential leaders
  • Think critically about key business, policy and civic issues facing Berkeley County and our region
  • Apply learnings back to their workplaces
  • Take an intensive look into the issues affecting our region.

Being a voice for business in Berkeley County has been the main priority of the Chamber since its formation. To be a voice of economic growth, community prosperity and business success, our leadership has to walk hand-in-hand with that directive. Growing and retaining informed, qualified leaders has been a key focus for the Berkeley Chamber.

  • Leadership Berkeley

    Leadership Berkeley is dedicated to educating, developing, and empowering current and future leaders for the community and motivating them to serve civic, charitable, and business organizations.

    The 30-year-old signature program spans 10 months and is designed to enhance individual and community leadership skills. The retreat focuses on individual leadership styles and strengths. Each month the class examines specific aspects of the community such as: education, area government, local business and economic development, health and human services, the criminal justice system, history, and non-profit organizations.  You will enjoy hands-on opportunities and on-site sessions at various agencies, government entities and organizations throughout the county.

    The insight participants gain as they explore the inner workings of the community form the foundation for long-term involvement in Berkeley County in a variety of leadership roles.

  • How Will Leadership Berkeley Help Further My Career?

    Our proven leadership program will help develop and refine a multitude of skills – from leadership, to interpersonal communications and cultivating relationships. Your participation will also increase your company’s community exposure. Additionally, your company will benefit from:

    • Grooms leaders who will contribute to your company.
    • Provides professional networking opportunities and enhanced community connections.
    • Helps employees develop greater personal vision and confidence.
    • Creates positive internal public relations.
    • Reinforces skills and imparts new knowledge to employees.

    Leadership Berkeley was established in 1989. Up to twenty-five participants are selected annually. The selectees represent diverse industries from various parts of our region. If you are committed to the ongoing growth and future development of one of South Carolina’s fastest growing counties, then we invite you to become one of the over 500 community leaders who proudly call themselves Leadership Berkeley alumni.

  • Leadership Berkeley Alumni

    Join the ranks of our distinguished alumni! In the 30+ years that the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce has sponsored Leadership Berkeley, over 500 people have graduated from the program. Graduates of Leadership Berkeley are part of a very special network of talented and dedicated individuals. This network can be critical to professional successes and the future of our region. Strong communities require strong leadership and Leadership Berkeley Alumni are uniquely positioned to build a better community. These alumni have gone on to become business leaders, city council members, state representatives, non-profit board members, community advocates, school board members, small business owners, and Chamber volunteers.

  • The Program for Future Board & Committee Members

    This program is a board training and executive leadership program for individuals wanting effective board training and nonprofit organizations wanting to save time searching for the right board member.

    This training program offers an opportunity to learn more about board service, receive training, and find organizations with board or committee opportunities that match your skills and passions.

    Participants will attend a series of educational sessions focused on leadership and communication skills, roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board/committee members and nonprofit board governance. Individuals are selected on the basis of their professional experience, current community engagement and/or related goals, and demonstrated leadership ability.

    Our Chamber is committed to ensuring the board leadership of our nonprofit and business community sector is inclusive and represents the diverse groups within our community. This experience provides the skills, resources and perspectives needed to assist organizations in improving performance and increasing their impact in the community.  We will then work to strategically guide graduates to organizations seeking board members that are aligned by talents, interests, and availability. Our guidance of participants will be strategic and informed, ensuring that each candidate is educated, prepared and passionate about the work of their organizations.

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