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Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, Berkeley County SC
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Our mission is to assist area employers in the attraction, development and training of a quality workforce to ensure a stable employment base for the area.  Berkeley Chamber is facilitating quality pathways between employers, educators and community members to ensure the availability of highly skilled talent to support our growing key industries.

With a rapidly evolving, global economy, the race for talent is increasingly competitive. In every industry, employers are asking the same question: How are we going to attract, train and retain the best workers? Education, development and retention are the key to our region’s future and continued economic growth.

Site selectors across the nation have found that the availability of skilled workers has become the top priority of businesses looking to relocate or expand into a new community—outranking incentives and all other economic factors. An educational infrastructure that is prepared to adapt to the changing needs of industry can be a powerful force in the recruitment, growth, and retention of local businesses.

At the core of the Chamber is the commitment to ensuring that current and future generations have career opportunities in our area by enhancing the quantity and quality of talent development.

The Chamber is dedicated to providing programs and services to preserve and attract talent in the region and ensure members remain highly competitive. We aim to support the talent needs of all business.

Compensation Study

The Berkeley Chamber collaborated with the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the Charleston, and the Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chambers of Commerce in conducting a biennial survey of area firms’ common benefits and compensation practices. The study included companies of all types across Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties.

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