Join the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce


For over thirty years The Berkeley Chamber has been the major force in the county for economic prosperity and the area’s healthy growth in business development.

The Berkeley Chamber is working closely with our members, and elected officials, evaluating the needs and concerns to develop and shape our programs and initiatives and strategies for our Chamber.  Overseeing the diverse needs of 500+ members in Berkeley County and surrounding communities, we serve as the County’s leading resource for information while providing current and future community and business leaders’ opportunities to become involved in shaping the future of our fast-growing region.

Pro-Business Advocate!

As an economic development force in Berkeley County, the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce works to attract new industries and businesses to our area, and provides support and advocacy to existing businesses. The Chamber assists in generating opportunities for industries to continue to expand, thus increasing their capital investment in our area and creating more jobs in Berkeley County.

Special services we provide to businesses and industries interested in re-locating to Berkeley County include:

  • Research which can include trends and  statistical data
  • Itineraries & tours on county and communities
  • Relocation packages
  • Corporate retreat and meeting planning assistance
  • Resource directory