Berkeley Citizens, Inc. is looking for individuals who live or work in Berkeley County and are interested in ensuring the mission of the Agency is carried out in a manner that offers supports and services to people with intellectual disabilities. Berkeley Citizens, Inc. is a non-profit organization, since 1980, and provides supports and services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities who live in Berkeley County. The Agency serves 847 individuals with disabilities in various levels of supports and services to include: Residential, Day, Case Management, Early Intervention, Respite and Employment. Berkeley Citizens has 275 staff with an operating budget of $11m from state and federal funding.

The Board of Directors meet monthly in the evening and the Human Rights Committee meet every other month at noon. If you are interested in serving on the Board or the Human Rights Committee and would like more information, please contact Alice Shook at 843-761-0300×1101 or

Mission: To create and promote opportunities for people with lifelong intellectual disabilities; which include autism, intellectual disabilities and related developmental disabilities; to be a part of, and participate in, the same valued experiences and life events as do other citizens of Berkeley County, through individually designed supports, services and training to be provided in a manner which protects the person’s dignity, rights, and self-worth, while enhancing their capability for self-determination and choice to the person’s fullest potential.