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Report to the community: Berkeley County School District Annual Report 2011-2012

Posted by Berkeley Chamber of Commerce on May 7, 2012 in Education
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Report to the community- Berkeley County School District- Annual Report 2011-2012

Berkeley County Superintendent- Rodney Thompson

We ended last year on a high note, as we learned that our graduation rate rose to 75%, and our drop-out rate plummeted to 2%.  The summer was busy, as we held our Summer Academy of Instruction and Learning, and concluded with a full week of Summer Leadership.  We started the school year with the excitement of our first Stuff the Bus Berkeley campaign, and we’ve been busy in the classroom since then.  I’ve paid a visit to the faculty at every school, where I’ve reinforced our priority for the year- literacy.

Our student achievement is climbing to record levels.  In 2011, nearly 80% of our students met or exceeded the state standard on the Palmetto (PASS) and High School (HSAP) assessments.  On most other tests, our students are surpassing the state, and in many cases, surpassing the nation.  In 2011, our students received a record number of academic and athletic scholarships, and we look forward to breaking that record in May.

We are focused on Improved safety, security and technology, through the procurement of QZAB funding.  We’re also addressing the challenge of growth in our district, with the roll out of our five-year capital improvement plan.  It’s time for us to make an investment to ensure that quality education is the priority as we move forward.

Our Goals

Goal One: Positive School Climate

We will provide safe, orderly and healthy schools that insure a positive and caring learning environment.

Goal Two: High Student Performance

We will realize high levels of academic growth and achievement for all students through an emphasis on literacy and STEM-based instruction.

Goal Three: Community Engagement

We will build family, community, and business support that will generate advocacy for our schools and our school district.

Goal Four: Strategic Human Resource Management

We will recruit, retain and develop quality teachers, administrators and staff.

Goal Five: Fiscal Responsibility

We will be responsible stewards of our resources and insure that we provide a quality education for all students.

Goal Six: Effective Communication

We will develop, refine, and implement an effective communications plan for our school system.

Report to the community: Berkeley County School District Annual Report 2011-2012