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Office Products Savings Program for Our Members

Office Depot OfferIn partnership with Office Depot, Chamber members and their employees can save up to 30% off retail pricing in stores and online.

Save up to 30% off retail pricing in stores and online!Choose from a broad selection of national brands and general office supplies; furniture, cleaning and break room supplies, technology items, professional copy and print services, and much more! It’s convenient, safe, and no cost to you.

Office Products Savings include:

  • 15-30% off retail sale price on 100 of the most frequently purchased office items.
  • 15% off copy paper and toner
  • 30% off general office items
  • 5% off the remaining items Office Depot sells (technology items not included).

Copy and Print Savings include:

  • 2.5 cents each for black and white copies
  • 29 cents each for color copies
  • 35% off retail price on finishing services
  • Access program savings both online and in stores by using your store purchasing card
  • Coupons, catalogs, and exclusive offers to help maximize your savings

Office Depot will analyze your purchases and make recommendations to reduce your spend on supplies. Office Depot can also help you take steps towards a greener office with a large assortment of environmentally-friendly products.

Office Products Employee Savings Program:

As a Chamber member company, your employees can receive the same personal savings on home office supplies, school supplies, and more! It’s convenient, safe, and no cost to you.

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