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MWV’s Nexton Becomes SC’s First Gigabit Community

Posted by Berkeley Chamber of Commerce on December 19, 2013 in
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MWV’s 4,500-acre community in Summerville, South Carolina called Nexton is the first “Gigabit” community in South Carolina. Nexton’s Gigabit service is called GigaFi, and will be powered by Home Telecom.

There are three distinct advantages of Gigabit Internet service. First, its broader bandwidth accommodates the ever-increasing amount of data that travels over the Internet. Second, it is faster — as much as 100 times faster — than average Internet services today. And finally, it is symmetrical which enables users to send information at the same speed at which they receive it. Presently, on average, uploading information to the Internet in South Carolina is only one-fifth as fast as downloading information.

With GigaFi’s unique Gigabit power at Nexton, companies will be able to conduct business on the Internet and attract customers with interactive functionality supported by ultra-fast Internet speeds and reliability. Home-based businesses will be able to receive real-time access with virtual-presence videoconferencing and rapid file transfers. And there will be access to affordable and high capacity online storage in the cloud.

Homeowners will have affordable access to a 1 Gbps “One Gig” connection from the day they move in. This offers unparalleled entertainment through Ultra High Definition IPTV and advanced gaming functionality. They will be able to stream and download (and upload) music and videos more rapidly, connect more with family and friends, manage their energy consumption, remotely control lighting and security systems, and monitor and control health care solutions.

Students will be able to interact and collaborate with educational institutions and intellectual resources anywhere.

Businesses will have access to gigabit speeds from they day they open their doors. Health care providers will be able to quickly share large data-rich files, where seconds can save lives. They will be able to expand telemedicine and provide support for compliance with ACA mandates.

And access to a Gigabit community has numerous benefits in the areas of public safety (fire and police) and infrastructure (traffic management, etc.).

MWV’s Nexton Becomes SC’s First Gigabit Community