Networking Seminars

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Networking SeminarsWith the assistance of Jim Geffert, President and CEO of the Dale Carnegie Training of South Carolina,  the Berkeley Chamber has developed a four part series on maximizing networking and building your personal “Value Proposition”.

The sessions in the series are:

  1. ‘How to Remember Names’ – May 2nd at 8 a.m.
  2. ‘Creating a Memorable Value Proposition’ – June 6 at 8 a.m. 

These will be one hour sessions and limited to 30 participants and only one per organization.  All sessions will be held at Berkeley Electric Cooperative – Community Room, 2 Springhall Drive, Goose Creek, SC.  The cost is free to Chamber Members and $35.00 per session to non-Chamber Members.

Please contact the Chamber at 761-8238 or 577-9549 and sign up for all individual sessions. Enrollment will be on a first come basis.

Local Store Marketing: Chamber of Commerce

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Joining and becoming active in your local chamber of commerce is an excellent way to increase your store’s visibility within your local business area.  In addition to meeting a number of key local business contacts who can turn into group sales and individual patrons of your store, your chamber of commerce offers inexpensive advertising programsthat place your store front and center with the chamber’s membership.

Attending as many chamber events in your community as possible enables you to get to know the other businesses in the area and stay top-of-mind with key networkers.  The time commitment is negligible throughout the year, but the payback can be quick since most chamber members share the same trade area as you and are very well-connected throughout it.
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Leadership Berkeley 2013

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Leadership Berkeley is a 10-month program that opens doors for business and community leaders who have the desire to understand all the major components of Greater Berkeley County; along with the aspiration to have the knowledge to help shape the future of our area. This program offers an opportunity to meet with local and state leaders while gaining knowledge of the issues and what makes Berkeley County continue to prosper.

How Will Leadership Berkeley Help Further My Career?

Leadership Berkeley provides a unique education, while helping you develop important connections. The lifelong relationships you establish with your Leadership Berkeley classmates with carry over to both your business and personal life.  Additionally, the opportunities to meet and discuss with the business/community leaders and elected officials gives you the insight to better understand and even help address critical issues affecting our region and state.

For more information, contact Simone Thornton at (843) 761-8238 or

8 Ways Entrepreneurs Should Be Networking Right Now

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Entrepreneurs like to spend their time thinking about new products and their grandiose vision. But though these are key drivers for any startup, there’s another task that’s of the utmost importance: networking.

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