The Berkeley Chamber encourages you to BUY LOCAL!

The Berkeley Chamber encourages you to BUY LOCAL!  Check back regularly for details about Buy Local contests and other incentives the Chamber conducts throughout the year.

10 Reasons to Buy Local!

  1. Your local purchases help support local businesses!
    When local businesses thrive, so does the local economy and surrounding communities.
  2. Sales tax revenue remains local.
    A portion of the sales tax you pay on local purchases remains local to help fund improvements such as infrastructure, roads, etc. (i.e. Berkeley County’s one-cent sales tax for road improvements, etc.).
  3.  Diverse products & services.
    Many “local” businesses offer diverse product and service lines, offering you more of a selection and unique shopping experience.
  4.  Jobs, jobs and more jobs!
    Local businesses create more jobs in the community!
  5.  Buying local promotes entrepreneurship.
    Aspiring entrepreneurs are more likely to establish a business within an area which flourishes from local spending.
  6.  It’s more personal.
    Local shop owners and employees tend to get to know their customers on a first-name basis.   They are more willing to take special orders and stock items important to you, and generally provide excellent customer service.
  7.  Studies show local businesses tend to donate to local charities.
    Keeping local businesses in business gives them the opportunity to give back to the community through local charities and non-profit organizations.
  8.  Tourism benefits!
    Visitors are attracted to areas featuring a unique array of shops and boutiques.  Tourism dollars, in turn, help support our community.
  9.  It’s environmentally friendly.
    Businesses within walking and/or bicycling distance help conserve fuel, lessen air pollution and reduce traffic.
  10.  Let local dollars remain local!
    Studies show for every $100.00 spent locally, $45.00 remains in the local economy!
Buy Local